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Buy Ceresit CT 48

Ceresit CT 48 Ceresit CT 48 is used for protecting façades, concrete constructions, interiors. It can be applied on the mineral substrates (concrete, cement plasters, lime–cement plasters and lime plasters). This paint can be used for painting Ceresit: CT 34, CT 35 and CT 137 mineral plasters, Ceresit: CT 60, CT 63, CT 64 acrylic plasters, Ceresit: CT 72, CT 73 silicate plasters, Ceresit CT 174, CT 175 silicate-silicone plasters as well as silicone plasters Ceresit: CT 74, CT 75 applied on traditional substrates and within Ceresit ETICS with the application of EPS-boards The structure of the coating ensures fast moisture evaporation from the substrate and at the same time creates an efficient protection against the substrate moisture and humidity. The binder used in the paint CT 48 causes a pearl like effect of water after wetting the coat. It is highly recommended to use CT 48 in historical objects, on the renovation and aerated plasters as well as on all the surfaces where aesthetic

Buy Styropoz Styrofoam EPS White

Styropoz Styrofoam EPS White Styropoz Styrofoam boards are an excellent insulation material for jointless insulation systems for external walls of buildings (light-wet method) or as an insulation and construction element in glued sandwich panels. High resistance to tearing and shearing of panels with low weight allows safe insulation for all types of thin-layer plasters: incl. mineral, acrylic or silicate. The highest quality of our products is used in residential and industrial construction, in the implementation of buildings erected with modern technologies. Please speak to one of our friendly staff on 02038839057 Buy yours with us today at

Buy Cekol GB-87

Cekol GB-87 Cekol GB-87 is a preparation on the basis of water soluble acrylic resin used to prepare the substrate before application of thin-layer façade plasters on mineral substrates. After drying, it forms a white, coarse coat, resistant to water and alkaline agents. The coating does not inhibit the exchange of water vapour and gases with the environment. Cekol GB-87 improves the bonding uniformity, coat-to-substrate adhesiveness, and makes application easier. It can be used inside and outside buildings and is non-toxic and non-flammable. The primer is available in white colour. In order to obtain a required colour, the primer can be coloured with available pigments in the form of liquid concentrates or pastes. Please speak to one of our friendly staff on 02038839057 Buy yours with us today at  

Buy Ceresit CS9 white sanitary sealant

 Ceresit CS9 white sanitary sealant Ceresit CS9 white sanitary sealant is ideal for: kitchens and bathrooms durable – resistant to cleaning agents protected from fungi and mold permanently elastic resistant to weather conditions has PZH approval for contact with drinking water Please speak to one of our friendly staff on 02038839057 Buy yours with us today at

Buy Ceresit CM 49

Ceresit CM 49 White Ceresit CM 49 is used for the high-strength, void-free installation of ceramic tiles and slabs, both indoors and outdoors, using the thin-, medium- or thick-bed method (20mm). CM 49 Multi Xpress sets rapidly.   It can also be used for bonding large-tiles and slabs, and discoloration-proof installation of non-translucent natural stones. Special mega flexible white tile adhesive for demanding substrates For large tiles and plates more than 120cm side length Resistant to climate stresses on balconies, terraces and heated floors (S2 class) On young/green screet Can be used for Natural stone and marble Please speak to one of our friendly staff on 02038839057 Buy yours with us today at  

Buy Ceresit CM 16 WHITE

 Ceresit CM 16 WHITE Ceresit CM 16 WHITE mortar is used for fixing tiles made of marble, granite, sandstone, travertine, conglomerate, light limestone and other coarse-grained rocks resistant to discoloration. It is also suitable for gluing ceramic and porcelain tiles, glaze, terracotta and all types of mosaic, e.g. glass and ceramic. Each time, before fixing the tiles, it is recommended to make your own application test in order to check that the mortar does not discolor the tiles. The properties of the mortar make it possible to fix the tiles on gypsum-fiber boards and gypsum-cardboard boards on substrates such as anhydrite screeds, gypsum and aerated concrete substrates and on sealing coats. It can be used on terraces, balconies, stairs, heated floors, facades as well as on OSB boards and on the existing ceramic cladding (only inside rooms). It also works well in places exposed to intense traffic and utility loads, such as: communication routes, corridors, schools, supermarkets, sh

Buy ANT X-9

ANT X-9 ANT X-9 is designed for internal and external use, it’s flexible, white and fast drying (approx. 4h). Yield about 3 kg / m² using a trowel with 6 mm teeth, layer thickness 3 to 5 mm. Please speak to one of our friendly staff on 02038839057 Buy yours with us today at


CEKOL A-45 FINISZ CEKOL A-45 FINISZ is particularly useful for final surface smoothing before painting. It gives a perfectly smooth, easy-to-paint surface and does not become yellowish as a result of exposure to light. Possible small unevenness can be polished with sandpaper or lathe when dry. When CEKOL A-45 FINISZ is dry, all paint types can be applied. Please speak to one of our friendly staff on 02038839057 Buy yours with us today at

Buy CEKOL C-45

 CEKOL C-45 CEKOL C-45 is an excellent material for preparing walls and ceilings inside buildings for painting, paperhanging etc. Also for renovation of old plasters, plastering whole walls, stopping of cardboard-gypsum panels (for pointing and filling of scratches and cracks the CEKOL C-40 is recommended). CEKOL C-45 allows to obtain very smooth surfaces. CEKOL C-45 is a dry mixture produced of the highest quality gypsum with a wide range of refining, modifying and plasticizing additives delaying setting and providing excellent adhesion to the gypsum, brick, concrete and gas concrete base. CEKOL C-45 is an excellent primer for the emulsion and acrylic paints. The white colour allows to apply fewer coats of paint to obtain full colour effect. It is an excellent ground for wall paper. It is non-toxic in application and use, made entirely of natural components. CEKOL C-45 does not turn yellow when exposed to light. Please speak to one of our friendly staff on 02038839057 Buy yours with