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Buy EWI-210 EPS Adhesive

 EWI-210 EPS Adhesive EPS Adhesive is a cement based adhesive, manufactured from a mixture of Portland cement, texturing aggregate, mineral fillers and hydrated lime. This bedding adhesive is used to stick the EPS boards to the substrate and is suitable for application all year round. The EPS Adhesive is highly durable, quick drying and has excellent frost resistance properties. EPS Adhesive should be stored correctly to ensure the product performs consistently throughout the application process. The product also contains reinforcing fibres which provide additional strength and flexibility. EPS Adhesive is used to adhere EPS boards to prepared substrates. The underlying masonry substrate should be clean, free from paint, dust and any vegetation build-up.  Weight: 25kg Composition: mineral binding agents, mineral fillers, modifying additives Bulk density (dry mixture): about 1.40 g/cm³ Adhesion to concrete (air-dry): ≥ 0.3 MPa  Adhesion to polystyrene: ≥ 0.08 MPa (rupture in thermal i