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Buy Ceresit CT 174

Ceresit CT 174 Ceresit CT 174 combines good points of silicate plaster and silicone plaster. It is vapour permeable, of low absorbability and dirt resistant. CT 174 is used for making thin-layer plasters on concrete substrates, traditional plasters, gypsum substrates and chipboards, gypsum cardboards, etc. We recommend the application of the plaster CT 174 as façade plaster within a complex system of warming walls of outside buildings Ceresit Ceretherm ETICS with the application of EPS-boards and mineral wool. In case of intensive dark colours, the material application should be limited to small areas, e.g. architectural details. Plaster CT 174 is protected form biological paralyses, e.g. fungus, mould and algae. Please speak to one of our friendly staff on 02038839057 Buy yours with us today at