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Buy Eco-Therm floor insulation

Eco-Therm floor insulation Eco-Therm floor insulation is thin, rigid floor insulation boards suitable for solid, concrete, timber and suspended floors. Whilst heat rises, it is also very important to insulate the floors as part of the ‘total building envelope’. EcoTherm Insulation has excellent compressive strength which is advantageous when insulating a floor.  EcoTherm's insulation boards are suitable for the following floor applications: Ground bearing concrete floors Suspended hollow pot floors Suspended timber floors Foundations and roof perimeter Remedial overlay floors Eco-Versal is suitable for use in new builds or upgrading the thermal performance of existing floors. Applications: Solid concrete floors (above and below slab); Block and beam floors; Suspended timber floors and; Underfloor heating systems For underfloor heating, Eco-UFH is the ideal solution with a tough membrane facing (no need for polythene overlay before screeing), gridlines for pipe guidance and superb