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Buy Nano Drex - Brick Guard

  NANO DREX – BRICK GUARD Nano Drex Brick Guard is the latest product from EWI Pro , designed to protect your Brick work from the elements. The product is easily applied to existing Brick surfaces and creates a breathable, protective barrier that prevents damage caused by rainwater or penetration of any dirt. Nano Drex Brick Guard dries clear with no gloss, and once dry it creates a vapour permeable layer reducing the absorbency of the surface. The Nano Drex Brick Guard is a great way to prevent any biological growth from appearing on existing brick surfaces. In addition, the product also helps to prevent discolouration of the brick after rainfall, ensuring a consistent look to your property regardless of the weather conditions. Finally Nano Drex Brick Guard can also help reduce energy bills and increase the warmth of your property by keeping underlying brick / block walls dry – heat escapes out of damp walls faster than dry walls. Litre: 1L, 5L Hydro Protect Formula 10 Years Warrant