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Buy Urbanscape Green Roof System

Urbanscape Green Roof System The Urbanscape Green Roof System is an innovative, lightweight system using our high performance, specially designed non-combustible Rock Mineral Wool needle-felt insulation as a growing medium, and a replacement for traditional substrates. The system offers high water retention capacity, and is designed specifically for green roofs on residential, non-residential and industrial buildings in urban areas. Urbanscape Green Roll is non-combustible 'Needle Felt' technology provides excellent water absorption for improved growing conditions. Holds up to 3-4 times more water per its volume than other green roof substrates 8-10 times lighter than regular green roof substrates Lightweight nature ensures significantly lower labour during installation. Performance Evaluation Tool (PET) helps designers and urban planners to understand the real performance of the roof. Buy yours with us today at or speak to one of our friendly staff on