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Buy K Mix GP Mortar

 K Mix GP Mortar K Mix GP Mortar is a general purpose mortar designed for laying blocks or bricks. It can also be used as a scratch coat plaster for internal and external work, as a bedding for pavia and as a rubbed up finish suitable for external painting. The K Mix product range incorporates a variety of dry bagged construction mortars that require only the addition of water and mixing time. The mortars can be used for block and brick laying, scratch coats, bedding for pavia and grout for pavia. K Mix Construction Mortars are manufactured to ISO 9001, and conform to BS EN 998-2. The K Mix range are factory-produced to provide excellent consistency and colour uniformity. The K-Mix products contain air entraining agents which help provide excellent workability. K Mix GP mortar can be used to improve the air-tightness and the sound insulation of concrete block walls. Dry bagged Excellent consistency High strength general purpose mortar 5 minute mixing time Manufactured to ISO 9001 Eas