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A guide to cavity wall insulation

A guide to cavity wall insulation Many houses in the UK (particularly those built prior to the 1990s) tend to lack wall insulation, meaning that up to a third of a house’s heat escapes through the walls more easily. In UK housing, most houses built from the 1990s onwards tend to already have wall insulation installed to reduce heat loss.  Older buildings however, may not have any insulation at all. Post-1920s buildings are more likely to have cavity walls.  These walls are made up of two walls with a gap in between, with an outer layer made of brick and inner layer made up either of brick or concrete block. On the other hand, pre-1920s buildings tend to have solid walls. These walls have no cavity, just a single solid wall made of either brick or stone. Enter cavity wall insulation . Cavity wall insulation contains heat within the inner walls of your house, reflecting it back inside into the room(s) and keeping it inside for longer. This results in more even temperatures and eliminates