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Buy Dulux Primer for Difficult Surfaces

 Dulux Primer for Difficult Surfaces Dulux Primer for Difficult Surfaces is suitable for MDF, tiles, melamine and UPVC. It provides excellent adhesion on difficult interior and exterior surfaces. Apply 1 coat of Dulux Difficult Surface Primer with a brush or short pile roller. When fully dry, minimum 4 hours, apply an appropriate Dulux paint system. Coverage: Up to 10m2/litre Drying Time: Leave for 4-6 hours to dry. Coats: 1 Quick drying Step 1: Make sure the surface is clean (no dirt or grease) and dry. Step 2: Remove paint from the brush or roller with a cloth and then wash with water. Step 3: Store paint in dry conditions and protect from extreme temperatures. Buy yours with us today at