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WIM SUPERFLEX S1  WIM SUPERFLEX S1 - DEFORMABLE HIGH FLEXIBLE ADHESIVE MORTAR WITH VERY HIGH PARAMETERS Deformable, highly elastic adhesive mortar for fixing ceramic, porcelain and clinker tiles of any format and absorbability, exposed to extremely difficult conditions of use and deformation, indoors and outdoors. It can be used for gluing tiles on difficult substrates such as plasterboard walls, OSB boards, old tiles, terrazzo, floors with underfloor heating, properly made and dried waterproofing coatings in shower cabins and especially on terraces, balconies and swimming pools. It is also suitable for laying natural stone, insensitive to moisture and discoloration. Side tile Tooth height Consumption (kg / m²) up to 10 cm 4 mm 1.6-2.0 20-25 cm 6-8 mm 3.0-4.0 over 30 cm 8-12 mm 4.0-6.0 Please speak to one of our friendly staff on 02038839057 Buy yours with us today at