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Buy Dulux colour mixing Satinwood

Dulux colour mixing Satinwood Dulux colour mixing Satinwood paint gives interior wood and metal a hard-wearing, subtle sheen finish . Ideal for adding a modern effect to your home. Stir thoroughly before use to ensure the paint is completely mixed. Apply 2 coats of Dulux colour mixing Satinwood using a good quality synthetic brush. Allow 6 hours between coats, longer when cold and damp. Where a strong colour change is involved, more coats may be required. Newly painted doors should not be closed (tightly) until paint is fully dry. Finish: Satin Coverage: Up to 16m2 / litre Drying Time: 6 hours Coats: 2 Water based, low odour Quick drying Step 1: Remove any flaking or defective paint. Sand down to remove any sheen. Ensure the surface is clean and dry. Treat any knots in wood with a suitable knotting solution. Apply an appropriate Dulux primer to bare surfaces. Surface defects should be repaired using the appropriate Polycell products. Step 2: After use, remove as much paint as possible