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How to Reduce Noise Using Underlay

    Sound can travel through liquids, solids or gases making it one of the biggest nuisances for every home. Underlay can reduce acoustic noises, underlay reduces sound from travelling from one place to another. Underlay also dramatically improves sound and heat insulation, underlay can help cut your energy bills helping reduce costs and provide comfort to your home, it’s the best investment you can make long term for your home.   How Can Underlay Reduce Sound and Loud Noises? There are lots of different materials that can be used for sound reduction, all with their own list of benefits. Some materials that are effective are foam and sponge, used as underlay they can reduce sound waves, you can purchase foam and sponge underlay from us at . These materials will protect your flooring above and do a great job at sound reduction.   What is Impact Noise Reduction? Impact noise is sound when two surfaces collide, and it is exactly what underlay is designed fo

Soundproofing your vinyl flooring

  Soundproofing vinyl flooring is on of the most efficient ways to reduce impact noise in your home. It also prevents noise coming from floors below and vice versa. In this article by Insulation Bee , we’ll be going through everything you need to know about soundproofing your vinyl flooring and its benefits. Acoustic Flooring Sound is sent by waves that travel through the air and are received through electrical signals to our brain. Sound waves can occur through many ways for example, objects dropping onto your vinyl flooring and residents trampling upon it. This is something known as impact sound and to reduce it you’re required to apply soundproofing Underlay, we’ll speak about it below. Underlay Underlay is a resilient layer that can be used under most Floor finishes. Underlay for vinyl flooring is mainly made from waste rubber and cork which is mixed with a polymer binder to form a resilient mat. Underlay for your vinyl flooring will have exceptionally good insulating qualit