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Buy Wood Fibre Insulation

 Wood Fibre Insulation Wood Fibre insulation is a tried and tested insulation material within the UK. It is a highly breathable insulating material, providing an outstanding level of thermal comfort within the home and is therefore perfect for use within an EWI system. Not only does the Pavatex Diffutherm insulation offer superlative insulating properties, but it also has the credential of being an environmentally friendly material. Due to its unparalleled breathability, Wood Fibre Insulation is perfect when used for a timber-framed property because it is a vapour-open building material. It’s essential for a building to be able to breathe in order to prevent damp and maintain structural integrity. The Wood Fibre Insulation will regulate the passage of water through the building structure, allowing for the diffusion of moisture and preventing any detrimental moisture build-up within the property and the EWI system. When used in conjunction with our highly breathable silicone render, t