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Buy WIM Flex Express S1

 WIM Flex Express S1 WIM Flex Express S1 is a highly flexible, deformable adhesive mortar for fixing ceramic, porcelain and clinker tiles of all sizes and absorbability, exposed to extremely difficult conditions of use and deformation, indoors and outdoors. Particularly recommended for use in places that cannot be left out of service for a long time, and wherever it is necessary to quickly do the work and put the cladding to use – laying tiles in the only bathroom in the apartment, in passageways, corridors, on the stairs, night quick repairs of shops etc. It is irreplaceable when used in conditions of reduced temperatures (early spring, late autumn), when short periods of temperatures above +5 oC (i.e. minimum temperatures at which adhesives and cement mortars can be used) preclude the use of normally binding adhesives. Side tile Tooth height Consumption (kg / m²) up to 10 cm 4 mm 1.6-2.0 20-25 cm 6-8 mm 3.0-4.0 over 30 cm 8-12 mm 4.0-6.0 Please speak to one of our friendly staff on