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Buy EWI-220 EPS Basecoat

 EWI-220 EPS Basecoat EPS Basecoat is a cement based adhesive. It is manufactured from a mixture of Portland cement, texturing aggregate, mineral fillers and hydrated lime. The grey cement based basecoat is used to embed in the fibreglass mesh as part of the reinforcement layer on polystyrene (EPS) thermal insulation systems. EPS basecoat can also be used as a bedding adhesive to stick EPS boards to a substrate.  The EPS Basecoat is highly durable, elastic, quick drying and has excellent frost resistance properties. EPS Basecoat should be stored correctly to ensure the product performs consistently throughout the application process. The presence of polymer-modified binders within the adhesive deliver strong adhesion, better flexibility, higher crack resistance and improved durability Weight:  25kg Buy yours with us today at