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Buy Ceresit CT 87 mortar

Ceresit CT 87 mortar Ceresit CT 87 mortar is used for insulating external walls of buildings by the light-wet method with the use of foamed polystyrene boards or facade panels made of mineral wool. It is a component of jointless insulation systems for external walls of Ceresit Ceretherm buildings. CT 87 mortar is used to make a protective reinforced layer when insulating newly erected buildings as well as those undergoing thermorenovation, and to fix facade thermal insulation boards. Ceresit CT 87 is additionally reinforced with fibers, and thus even more resistant to scratches and cracks. The use of CT 87 (color, surface and organic modifiers) allows it to skip the process of preparing its surface by priming with primers before applying any Ceresit plasters. The content of special light fillers gives the mortar a more plastic, light and homogeneous consistency, it is easier to mix, apply and spread, while increasing the mortar efficiency. Please speak to one of our friendly staff