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Buy Ceresit CM 22

Ceresit CM 22 Ceresit CM 22 Mega Format Flexible tile adhesive ensures a highly flexible adhesive bed on critical surfaces. Its consistency is adjustable therefore CM 22 is very well suited for large format tiles – it is perfect for use on heated screeds, balconies, patios, especially on young precast concrete members (at least 3 months old). CM 22 can be taken also to repair and level unevennesses of up to approx. 8 mm depth prior to tile laying. Special tile adhesive for application of mega format plates on difficult substrates For large tiles and plates up to 120cm side length Very easy application Adjustable consistency for wall and floor Very high tolerances and an increased retention of water (6.8 – 8.8 litres of water) Resistant to surface deformation on balconies, terraces and heated floors (S1 class) For indoor and out-door use Thin and middle bed method Please speak to one of our friendly staff on 02038839057 Buy yours with us today at