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Buy Actis Hybris Honeycomb Insulation

 Actis Hybris Honeycomb Insulation HYBRIS is an innovative insulation material for timber frame or masonry walls, pitched roofs, ceiling and suspended timber floor applications. HYBRIS is a reflective insulation product based on a honeycomb structure made of shaped polyethylene foams glued to aluminium coated polyethylene foils. Its high thermal performance is provided by a special structure composed of a large number of low emissivity cavities, protected from dust and excessive air movement. Moreover, the low emissivity external fllms provide additional thermal resistance, when associated with air cavities. HYBRIS is available in panels of 1145mm x 1200mm and in a range of thicknesses from 50mm to 205mm.   HYBRIS is easily installed between rafters, timber studs or within floor joists. It accurately fts all widths, held in place by compression. Hybris is also durable and doesn’t slump down over time. HYBRIS is light weight, less than 9.5kg/m3 , thus easy to store and transport.   Bu