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Buy Ravatherm XPS X 700 SL

 Ravatherm XPS X 700 SL Ravatherm XPS X 700 SL closed-cell polystyrene foam thermal insulation , with its excellent thermal insulation capability, high compressive strength and resistance to moisture, can be safely used in locations where good thermal insulation capability is only one of many complex requirements. It is suitable for load-bearing industrial floors, base slabs or high-load rooftop car parks. Ravatherm XPS X thermal insulation can be used in a wide range of applications, thanks to its beneficial properties as a result of its closed-cell material structure: permanently high thermal insulation level negligible moisture uptake high strength and rigidity dimensional stability resistance to rot and deterioration simple and quick installation with only a small amount of waste. Ravatherm XPS X 700 SL thermal insulation is manufactured by extrusion production procedure, resulting in a homogeneous, closed-cell material structure, a smooth surface skin (extrusion skin) and many fa