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Buy CEKOL C-35

CEKOL C-35 CEKOL C-35 is a high quality material used for smoothing and refining of external walls (façades) of buildings, but it can also be used internally, particularly in rooms exposed to high humidity (e.g. bathrooms, saunas, refrigerated chambers). CEKOL C-35 is an elastic, frost and water proof plaster. It is a dry mixture of high quality white cement, white mineral fillers and modified substances which guarantee excellent workability and adhesion to mineral bases (e.g. concrete, bricks). CEKOL C-35 does not contain toxic substances or components which turn yellow when exposed to atmospheric conditions. It is an excellent primer for emulsion, acrylic, gloss and mineral paints, where its white colour provides better coverage for paint so to help achieve a full colour effect. Please speak to one of our friendly staff on 02038839057 Buy yours with us today at