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Buy Eco-Therm Wall insulation boards

Eco-Therm Wall insulation boards Eco-Therm Wall insulation boards are an ideal solution to insulating cavity walls, internal walls and timber frame walls. Eco-Cavity wall insulation boards are ideal for masonry walls. They achieve high levels of thermal performance for thinner constructions whilst maintaining a clear residual air gap; effective protection against driving rain, particularly in coastal and exposed locations. The boards are conveniently sized to co-ordinate with brick and block dimensions and to allow the insertion of wall ties at the appropriate spacing. Eco-Cavity Full Fill allows users to optimise the full cavity with high performing thermal insulation, meaning U-values and Building Regulations can be met without altering standard construction designs. Eco-Cavity Full Fill prevents the need to increase cavity space and overall wall width to accommodate larger thicknesses of traditional insulation materials. The board's tongue and groove edges ensure a continuous l