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Buy EWI-66640 Fibreglass Mesh

 EWI-66640 Fibreglass Mesh This strong Fibreglass Mesh is an integral component of both render and EWI Systems . The mesh is embedded with the cement-based basecoat layer (either EWI-220 EPS Basecoat or EWI-225 Premium Basecoat) – this ensures the final render / solid wall insulation system is both strong (to withstand impact) but also flexible so it will be able to withstand natural building movements that occur during the different seasons. The Fibreglass Mesh can also be used in areas that need additional strengthening – for example stress patches can be cut from the roll (300mm x 200mm) that are put 45 degrees to each corner of an opening. In traditional sand and cement areas, these areas are particularly likely to crack. The addition of a stress patch in these areas ensures the system will remain crack-free long into the future. The primary purpose of the Fibreglass Mesh is to be used within the basecoat layer of either render systems or EWI systems, but it can be used to brid