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Buy CEKOL C-10

CEKOL C-10 CEKOL C-10 is used for glueing of ceramic, grit and stone tiles to bricks, concrete, gas concrete, ceramist blocks, cement and cement-lime plasters, gypsum panels and blocks, as well as for joining construction elements, e.g. bricks. CEKOL C-10 is suitable for surface smoothing and stopping, inside and outside buildings. CEKOL C-10 should be applied to the entire base surface. CEKOL C-10 may be used for glueing tiles on warmed-up surfaces. CEKOL C-10 is an elastic frost and water resistant tile adhesive for glaze tiles, terracotta and stone mosaic on warmed-up surfaces. CEKOL C-10 is a non-toxic product in application and use. It is a reliable, productive, easy to use and absolutely harmless product. The CEKOL C-10  may be used in living accommodations and public buildings (hospitals, nurseries, kitchens, bathrooms etc.). consumption: about 3 kg/m2 when float with 6 mm teeth is used layer thickness: 3 to 5 mm setting time for walking and pointing: about 24 hours at the temp